TC Range Mulchers

TC Range Mulchers

The TC Range Mulcher is a rugged and durable attachment for heavy operations such as bushwood clearance and land maintenance. Thanks to the reinforced casing and shielded bearings, the TC Range Mulcher is protected from collisions, impacts and torsional forces. This renowned attachment is suitable for use on excavators from 1.5T to 8T.

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    • Suitable for excavators from 1.5T to 8T
    • Adjustable height support roller
    • Self levelling frontal plane
    • Highly resistant with an integrated valve unit as standard
    • Auger Torque’s industry leading warranty


    • Ground clearance
    • Woodland pathway creation and maintenance
    • Clear and maintain vegetation
    • Tree and hedge trimming
    • Mulch trees and hedges to ground level
    • Cut shrubs up to 60mm in diameter